Soy & Ivy Luxe Outback diffuser
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Outback - Diffuser


Our Signature Collection 'Outback' diffuser brings the uniquely beautiful scents of the Australian outback into your home. It is a bold, natural and earthy fragrance. With earthy green notes of eucalyptus, woody musk and floral jasmine married together to create this Australian fragrance.

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Soy & Ivy Luxe Outback diffuser

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There are many beautiful features which make this diffuser and our Luxe Collection unique. Each diffuser is individually hand poured. All materials used to create your diffuser have been used with only the finest materials from Melbourne and Australian suppliers. You will be confident to know all our diffusers are made from a luxurious premium oil base and fragrance oils. Our fragrance oils used meet RIFM and IFRA standards and are phthalate free.

Diffuser Care Instructions:
Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep diffuser away from direct sunlight, winds and drafts. Ensure diffuser is kept in space away from electrical wires and stable surface. Rotate reed sticks once a week (wash hands after). Fragrance oils are combustible, do not light and keep away from open flame

Thick square glass jar and wooden collar lid.

8 reed sticks are included with your diffuser.

4 - 6 month scent throw - 140ml