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Pierrick Boyer Collection

Pierrick Boyer Collection

from 24.00

The Pierrick Boyer Collection is only available at Pierrick Boyer’s cafe and paterisery, 31 Izett street, Prahran. As well as his website https://ordermate.online/pierrickboyercafepatisserie/menu

The collection was collaborated with Pierrick Boyer. Pierrick’s vision for his bespoke collection was to create special feeling and memory for his customers. To allow you to take home a piece of the patisserie and have a lasting memory of your time with Pierrick.

The four fragrances which are in the collection are:

Creme Brulee

Chocolate Ganache

Raspberry & Vanilla Coulis

Salted Caramel & Pistachio Praline

These luxury vegan candles contain our signature cold pressed eco soy coconut wax blend.

Breathe easy knowing the candle is safe for you and our environment.

PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE ON SOY & IVY WEBSITE. Product only available at Pierrick Boyer's Cafe and Patisserie 31 Izett street Prahran. As well as https://ordermate.online/pierrickboyercafepatisserie/menu
Pierrick collection photo.jpg