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About Us

Soy & Ivy is an artisan candle and reed diffuser business based in Melbourne. Our main objective is to produce high quality, handmade eco friendly, biodegradable and luxurious items at an affordable cost. We have spend countless hours perfecting our range, and have sourced the best materials from Melbourne and Australian suppliers. Our candles contain cold pressed eco soy and coconut wax blend. our premium reed diffusers are not watered down, as we only use oil bases and fragrance oils to ensure maximum scent throw. We hand pour each item, as well as quality check each item at all stages of production to ensure a high quality product is delivered to your door. To make life easier we provided various options for delivery, so be sure to tick off the best delivery option for your candle. At Soy & Ivy we love catering for events, weddings, christenings and corporate galas, just email or call us and we will be happy to cater to your event. We are here to help, If you request a custom order please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Be sure to check in to see what new products and ranges we have, as we love experimenting in the workshop and creating new items for you.

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At Soy & Ivy we produce cold pressed eco soy and coconut wax blend candles and premium oil reed diffusers. The eco soy which is used in your candle has not been sprayed with any harsh chemicals or pesticides. The coconut wax is a natural wax which allows or a smooth creamy finish to your candle. The candle has a cool burn time which allows for the fragrance to carry throughout its surrounds, even when extinguished. Our products do not contain any crude oils, no additives, no palm oil, no leads in the wicks or wax, and is phthalate free. All of our materials and supplies used are soured from Melbourne and Australian suppliers. The fragrance oils used adhere to the strictest of National and International guidelines. We have spent countless hours perfecting our coconut and eco soy wax blend candles. Each candle is individually hand poured and quality control each item we produce.

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